At the Y, membership fees keep our doors open and our lights on. Donations invite everyone inside.

Throughout Northeast Iowa, there are many different families that count on the Northeast Iowa YMCA. While most see the Y as a place to exercise and swim, it is much more than that. While the Y does have a great workout facility, it also educates and inspires, transforming communities.

Due to obstacles such as adult and youth obesity, teen mental health, economic hardships, and disease, children, families, and individuals in our community are struggling to reach their full potential. But where society falls short, the Y steps in. For years, the YMCA has been taking on many of the greatest challenges facing our youth, our health, and our community.

The YMCA is a Charity of Choice for many because every dollar of your donation goes directly towards continuing and expanding the programs that have been proven to transform lives in our community.

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Questions? Interested in making a donation? Contact Jenny Cole, Branch Director at 563.864.9622 or